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Lose weight the smart way – no hunger, moodiness or fatigue AND exercise is not required.

Designed by medical, nutrition and weight loss specialists, Skinny World is a web portal for people who want to lose weight in a medically safe environment. Skinny World’s easy-to-use interactive diet tools and accurate information will save you time and money. Lose unwanted fat fast and KEEP IT OFF with the Skinny World Diet Program.


We are pleased to introduce the Skinny World Diet Program (SWDP) - a clinically proven, easy-to-do weight loss solution for people who want to lose weight and keep it off.

The SWDP is a medical weight loss program based on a successful protocol developed by a British endocrinologist. An active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) combined with a specific very low calorie diet (VLCD) enables you to lose unwanted abnormal ‘white’ adipose fat and use it for energy.

People who follow the SWDP can lose up to 1/4 to 1/2 kg (8 oz – 1 lb) per day without the usual side effects of a calorie-restricted diet - hunger, moodiness or fatigue AND exercise, is not required.

70% of Skinny World dieters are able to maintain their new lower weight over the medium to long term without difficulty. NOW THAT'S NEW!

There are 12 Skinny World slideshows that guide you step-by-step through the SWDP - why 'normal' calorie-restricted diets don't work, what's different about the SWDP, how to get started, what to eat and what not to eat, what to do if your diet is interrupted by unexpected travel, troubleshooting and more.

Click on the 2 FREE slideshows here to learn more about why hundreds of happy clients swear by the SWDP.

About the diet

About the Skinny World Diet

Lose weight the smart way - without hunger, moodiness or fatigue. Find out how easy it is to lose weight on the SWDP. […]
Why Other Diets Dont Work

Why Other Diets Don't Work

Ever wondered why you just can’t lose weight and keep it off? Well here's the answer. […]

Other Features

BMI Calculator

Find out what your Body Mass Index (BMI) is and see how much weight you need to lose.

Timeline to Skinny

To successfully complete the Skinny World Diet Program, you must choose the right day to start. Menstruating women need to know the right day to finish too.
Skinny World’s world-first break-through technology Timeline to Skinny does it for you. Just pick from the recommended start days and you're ready to go.

Skinnyworld Diet Tracker

The Skinny World Diet Tracker gives you the tools you need to say goodbye to unwanted pounds and inches – kilograms and centimeters. Build your Skinny Profile with daily logs of food, weight, measurements, medication, blood pressure and exercise. Keep a journal and upload photos of the new you as unwanted body fat melts away and youthful good looks return.

Doctor Share

For peace of mind and professional care approve our health practitioners to view your file, manage your health and weight loss in real time.
If you have a medical condition or a BMI of 30 or above Skinny World recommends that professional medical advice be sought from our licensed health service providers. This requires you to select a Live Support Package or individual online Skinny World consultations throughout your Skinny World Diet Program.


Exclusive to Skinny World, this unique tool is for people with diabetes or anyone who wants to keep a check on their blood sugar levels (BSL). BSL readings can be recorded up to 7 times per day. View your history graph and chart.
People with diabetes can share their Skinny file with our healthcare providers. To be medically managed in real time select the Live Support Package.

P1 Skinny Meals

Dieters agree: "P1 Skinny Meals are more gourmet than diet – simply scrumptious!"
All Skinny World Phase 1 Weight Loss recipes have been nutritionally designed to fulfil vitamin and mineral requirements through the calorie-restricted phase.
Skinny World’s delicious easy-to-prepare menus make sure you stay on track and on target for success.

Food Rules & Info

Easy-to-follow articles, slideshows, cheat sheets, FAQs and more…learn and plan for maximum success.
Sign up to Skinny World to find out everything you need to know about the Skinny World Diet Program – ingredients, meals and recipes, cooking methods, what you need and how to get started.
Skinny World answers over 100 questions about the Skinny World Diet Program – P1, P2, P3, troubleshooting, women’s health, makeup, supplements, medication and more.

Automated Meal Planner


Get Well Stay Well

World of Wellness Knowledge is Power

Find out about healthy food choices that count

Practitioner Membership

All the privileges of standard client membership plus more. Get instant access to your clients’ Skinny Files as they are up-dated in real time – blood pressure, blood sugar, weight loss progress, medication, photos and journal notes. Manage and record client health without your Patient File Notes being seen by them. Network and share with diet colleagues from around the world through the Skinny World PRACTITIONER ONLY Social Network. Get their views, swap experiences, learn how to manage difficult cases and what makes weight loss results stick.


Access to Shared Client Files

The Doctor Share facility gives you instant access to client Skinny Files. Graphs and logs help you manage your client in real time – weight loss progress, BP, BSL, measurements and medication. Your practitioner file notes are recorded on client Skinny Files in private mode.

Tools & Calculators

If your client has a medical condition or a BMI of 30 or above, it is recommended that you monitor them throughout the SWDP. Skinny World’s easy-to-use calculators, conversion and fitness tools help practitioners establish a baseline and keep track of client health through their weight loss journey.

Info & Slideshows for Doctors

Designed by medical, nutrition and weight loss specialists, Skinny World’s accurate information provides practitioners with knowledge to help your clients successfully reach their weight loss goal.
Learn about the SWDP program, what the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is, and how it works for weight loss and read the original diet protocol.

Practitioner Only Social Media

Share information and get support from colleagues from around the world through the Skinny World PRACTITIONER ONLY Social Network.
This unique forum enables doctors, nutritionists and nurses to compare notes, recognize problems before they happen and manage clients better.